I started writing poems in 8th grade. While a few were written on the computer, most were handwritten in a notebook that I used to carry everywhere with me. Not every poem I've written is here, unfortunately. Some have been lost, while others cannot be published, due to various reason.
I finally got around to arranging these in chronological order, so you can see how my work has evolved over time. Enjoy.

You Decide: My earliest surviving poem. This one dates to Oct 1995, when I was in 9th grade.
Choices: Another very early poem, dating to March 1997. It is one of the few to survive from 10th grade, as the notepad I kept that year was destroyed.
The Journey: One of two poems written for my best friend Ashley's 16th birthday, in June 97. It is one of my favorites.
For My Friends: Originally titled "On Your Birthday", this is the other poem I wrote for Ashley.
Friendship: Another of my favorites, this poem dates to Sep 97.
Hopes and Dreams: I wrote this one on the bus in Oct 97. It's a bit idealistic, but it became semi-popular with my friends.
Don't Tell Me I Can't: Another one from my overly optimistic period, also dating to Oct 97.
The Real Me: A favorite with many of my friends and I, this was the poem that got several people to really start to encourage my writing. Nov 97.
The Traveler One of my absolute favorites. The style was inspired by a poem written by a friend of mine, called "The Prisoner of Chillon", which appeared in my school's literary magazine." The Traveler dates to Jan 98.
The Performer's Plea: Written backstage of "Guys and Dolls", this poem was my first serious attempt at humor. All the mishaps in this poem actually happened. It was written in to Feb 98.
Reasons: This is one of the first poems from my depressed period. Yet, there is still an element of hope present in it, as in almost all of my poems. It basically explains my reasons for writing. Feb 98.
Me, Myself, and I: This is actually the second poem I wrote under that title. The first dated to 8th grade, but was lost when the floppy it was on was destroyed. Even though it's somewhat depressing, it still became very popular with my friends. I still can't figure out why. Feb 98.
Farewell: Written as a gift to my friend John, who moved to Boulder, Colorado that June. Fortunately, he returned 6 months later. Feb 98.
Always Alone: Another from my depressed period. I wrote this backstage of "Guys and Dolls". March 98.
The Dreamer: A favorite with several of my friends, also written backstage. March 98.
Loneliness: Another from my depressed period. I spent much of high school on my own, since I'm pretty shy around most people. March 98.
Questions: After school one day in April 98, I got to musing about popularity, and several terms associated with it. This poem was the result.
A True Friend: Another one written for John, as a going away present. May 98.
Autumn: This poem is an interesting one. Apparently, it can be interpreted in 4 different ways, according to my friends. It is also one of the more popular ones. Oct 98.
Life: One of our first Brit Lit assignments was to write a riddle. Mine quickly evolved into a poem. Sep 98.
The Muse: One of my Brit Lit assignments in high school was to write a sonnet. This one is about my friend Tania. It got an A+, but I've done better work. Feb 99.
Dawn: One of my favorite poems. It was also written for my Brit Lit class. May 99.
I Thought Friendship was Forever: One of my best friends growing up was Reanna. This poem describes our friendship quite accurately. I have not had contact with her in over a year, but I still think about her frequently. June 99.
The Sentinel: My absolute favorite, from June 99. Soon after I graduated, I stopped writing. My muse had left, and the words ceased to flow.
Reanna: One of my more recent poems. Reanna was on my mind, and I got to worrying about her. Jan 01, 2001.
The Dream: One of my newest poems, based on a recurring dream. July 2, 2001.
7 Years I miss you, big brother in spirit. September 4, 2002.

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