Those who know my name, know it. If you don't, tough luck. ;) Online, I'm known as Cygnata, among other nicknames.

I have a wide range of interests, from science to legends, from kites to role playing. Check out my interests pages for more info. I write short stories, and am a songwriter and poet. My other main writing project is info on some magic users I came up with for a novel. I've been working on the Dreamers for several years now, but it is unlikely that the book will ever be written.

I am a college student aat Bucks County Community College, working at the library help desk, and the college newspaper. Being photo editor of the Centurion is fun, and it gives me a chance to submit articles from time to time. My major is Geology, with a definate leaning towards paleontology and eventually perhaps paleornithology. I hang out mainly with the gaming group at school, and have gotten to be good friends with many of them.

For general news about me for the truly interested, head to my livejournal.

Cygnata is an old nickname. It means "Lady Swan" in Greek. It was given to me by an old friend, who said she chose that nickname because I could "get along with anyone." Considering the fact that I find it impossible to hate anyone for more than 2-3 hours, (I forgive too easily.) I think she was right. At any rate, it is a very unusual and pretty nickname, so I like it.


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