Role Playing

Recently, I became interested in role-playing games. I currently play Rifts® on IRC, I'm getting started in Shadowrun, and I am a member of both TJAB and the Constainian Empire RP groups.


Rifts® is my personal favorite of the few RPGs I've played. Post apocalyptic world, magic, dragons, and dimensional beings. Cool. ;) My friend Ted (Arsenal) has a wonderful site for information on Rifts. The link is below.

I have several Rifts® characters. My 2 main ones are Tryamour, a snow white Great Horned dragoness who seems to have a slight white knight complex at times, and is always up for mischief; and Reanna Michaels, a shy but friendly Zapper with a direct way of dealing with guys who hit on her. I also have Private Cassandra Lyon, a Coalition States ex-grunt who recently got a major attitude adjustment; and Marina, a year old Chiang-Ku dragoness who is levelheaded, stoic, responsible, but quick on her feet in an emergency. Her sheet is almost done.

Another character is Myrna, a Sentient Falcon Gryphon. I came up with the Sentient Gryphon RCC (Racial Character Class) a few months ago. There are currently 5 types, 3 of which are the Falcon, Hawk, and Eagle. I will add the other two, Vulture and Owl, as soon as I find the disk with their sheets. The main writeup has also finally been posted. There's serveral other sheets that I've uploaded that may be viewed in the main directory.


Not much here. I hang out on the IRC channel #shadowrun, and am trying to join one of the games there. My friend Mike (Yagathai) converted my character Reanna into a Shadowrun mage. I've also included a link to the channel's main site.
I'm also a regular in #bulldrek on Dumpshock, #arc's on, and #callahans on the Undernet network. Interesting channels, full of interesting people. :)

The Constainian Empire

No, it's not a *real* empire. (Although the government of Grenada is convinced it is, for some strange reason.) It's a role playing group run by my friend Sarah (E[C]), the Empress of Constainia. My titles in the Empire are Marchioness, Vis'hionne systems; Guildmistress, Guild of Visions, Visitations and Dreams; and Keeper of Imperial Swans. :)

The Jihad to Destroy Barney the Dinosaur

The first RP group I was ever introduced to. I am good friends with several of them, and I enjoy hanging out with them. I recently rejoined the Jihad, and I'm looking forward to actually being able to participate this time. :) I am an Ensign in TRES, one of the subgroups in the Jihad. I have also been inducted into the Jihad Praxeum Veneficus (JPV), the JAO (Jihad Autonomous Orginization) for magic users. Check out the Jihad's site; it's an excellent one.

MUDs, MUCKs, and MOOs

I play on several Mu*s, with multiple accounts on at least one. Holotrek was the first one I joined. It's Star Trek based, and the space system is pretty realistic.I play two characters there, a Cardassian assassin, and a Klingon warrior. Then, I joined Stellar Convergences, but haven't been able to find much RP there lately. For hanging out, I head to FurrySpace. I'm also trying to join Rise from Chaos, but haven't found much time to write my character's biography.
Speaking of the furry servers, I'm also now a staff member at AnthroCon, the largest Furry convention around. It's held yearly in Philadelphia. Look for me there!


Arsenal's Rifts Site (#shadowrun, #bulldrek)
Holotrek's website
Stellar Convergences MUCK (FurrySpace)
Rise From Chaos Rifts Mu*
The mIRC IRC client
The Constainian Empire Embassy at Sol
The Imperial Message Board
The Jihad Against Barney the Purple Dinosaur
TRES Corps

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