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Welcome to Dreamer's Isle

Hi. I am Cygnata, and you've wandered into (Twilight Zone Music) my world. If you're looking for examples of well-designed sites, better look elsewhere. This was my first attempt at HTML, and I've been too busy or lazy to pretty it up.

You've probably got some questions about this site, not the least of which is "How the heck did I get HERE?" Well, unless I personally sent you to check out the fruits of my labors, I have no clue.

Seriously, though, you're probably wondering about me, and what "Cygnata" means. (Don't feel left out, though. The number of people who don't know vastly outweigh the number of people who do.) Check out my bio for more information.

The memorial page that appeared here for a while has been moved.

You can e-mail me at Warning: I will NOT tolerate spam or abusive language. People who send me either WILL be reported to the authorities regardless of the sender's age.

All material on these pages is ©2001 Cygnata.

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