In Memoriam

Enter Dreamer's Isle.

Sing to me, now, the sweet
Sad song of memory.
Sing to me of remembrance,
And aches that will never fully fade.

Sing for me the song of thousands of hearts,
Thousands of souls, extinguished...
Replace them for me, if you can.

You have stolen away
What you could not replace,
Sought to mar what you could not build.
You have sent into the fires
Hearts more golden than yours could be,
And you think you have stilled their song.

But the voices echo clearly, now,
The chorus joined by hearts and throats
Ranged across the world.
We have raised our voices and our hearts
Against this thing that you have wrought,
And we swear to you, and to them,
That this melody shall not die.

-- Cairsten McKinley

You have brought the world together in outrage. We will stand together until we have seen you fall... until there remains no trace of devastation, but only the certainty that you have lost.

This we vow: they will live on within us, for as long as hearts and minds can keep memory alive. We will not let their lives be sold cheaply, we will carry their song into memory until we have found closure, and their memory will outshine the infamy of their murderers. Today, and forever after, we remember the fallen of the World Trade Center.