There's so much more I should add to this category, but I'll put it in another section to save space.

Stunt Kites

I've been flying my dual-line delta for three years now, and I have to say most of my friends are much better pilots than I am. ;) My kite is a Premier Vertigo with a 5 foot wingspan. I also own a 12 inch parafoil and a 6 foot Flexifoil. Both the Flexifoil and the delta use Spectra line, and have fiberglass spars. All three kites are made of ripstop nylon. I want to get a Rokaku (6 sided Japanese fighting kite) soon. My Stunt Kite link leads to the American Kitefliers Assoc. (AKA) They have some wonderful resources there, if you want to start flying a stunt kite of your own.


I am also an avid photographer. (Some would call me a shutterbug.) I took both regular and advanced photography classes before I graduated from High School. Until recently, I have been using a small, simple, Vivitar Eco35 that I bought, brand new, at a yard sale about 5 or 6 years ago. It is a purely mechanical point and shoot camera with a hotshoe.

It is a hardy little camera, having been subjected to my backpack for 4 years (Where other "durable" equipment met it's end), and has gone on every single field trip I took during high school. Plus, I've fixed myself on several occasions. It has been recently retired, however, as the mechanism needs to be repaired again.

I also used to have a Pentax IQZoom EZY-R point and shoot with a 38mm - 70mm zoom lens. Again, it was a reliable camera, although not as durable as the Vivitar. I still plan to use the Vivitar sometimes, just not as often, so that I can keep it from breaking again. I don't have a Photography link just yet, but I am hoping to set one up that leads to my old High School's Photography classes. I had a Minolta SLR, but it was stolen, as was the Pentax. It was a wonderful camera, perfect for freelance work.


By now, you're probably wondering what KAP is. KAP stands for Kite Aerial Photography. Basically, you strap a camera into the KAP rig and take pictures while flying.

I have a parafoil kite, mentioned earlier, that I am making a KAP rig for. I was originally planning to attach my hardy little Vivitar, but since I've gotten rather fond of it, I'm planning to buy a disposable camera with an autowinder. (Which the Vivitar doesn't have.) KAP rigs can be hazardous to the camera, especially during "unexpected landings." However, it is also a great way to get some unusual shots. My KAP link is to a site with a lot of info, including how to make your own rig, and even some shots taken from one.

Amateur (Ham) Radio

I received my Ham radio license shortly before my 16th birthday. My parents both have licenses, so I decided to get one, too. This topic could fill it's own site (and it has, many times over), so I'll let you check out my Ham Radio link, which leads to my local club.


The American Kitefliers Association (AKA)
Kite Aerial Photography (KAP)
Warminster Amateur Radio Club

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