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In this section is a link to Anyone who graduated from New Hope-Solebury High School should go and get an account. I know I promised to put a directory so we could keep in touch, and this way, there's no worry about security. Let me know when you log on! Also included are some links to webcomics I read daily, and some sites belonging to my friends.

Praxxus's site A good RPer, and a better friend.
DarkSide's site Another good friend, commander of TRES. The Art Slave[tm]. ;)
My LiveJournal

A Doemain of Our Own An excellent webcomic. Full archive.
Kevin and Kell My second favorite webcomic. Read the archives, they're excellent.
Clan of the Cats A wonderful comic, although I'd suggest reading the entire archive, or you'll quickly get lost.
For Better or for Worse An excellent comic strip, although I wish they'd include a full archive, instead of only a month's worth.
College Roomies from Hell! Extremely funny, though messed up comic. Always a good read, if you can keep up. ;)
GPF Weird geek humor. *grin*

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